Being able to understand our history is key to understanding what we are living through and at the same time, the best way of opening ourselves to a different future. This was the reason behind the establishing of the Felipe González Foundation with the twin aims of learning from the past while contributing to the future.

On these premises, the Felipe González Foundation is responsible for the Felipe González documentary files with the innovative aim of making it available to the public. The foundation also organizes and supports activities and projects which contribute to equality of opportunity and provides tools for society to face up to the enormous challenges of the 21st Century.

The Felipe González Foundation was registered in October 2013.

The foundation´s main objectives are:

  • To manage and make available to the public, a highly important documentary archive on a fundamental period in the history of Spain.
  • To promote a clear awareness of international and Spanish policies along with essential matters for our times.
  • To organise and support activities and projects which provide answers to the political and social challenges of the 21st century combining progress, modernisation and the promotion of equality.